Demos for the SuperCPU
Demos developed for the SuperCPU
Demos adapted to the SuperCPU
Demos which benefit from the SuperCPU

All downloads are zipped D64-images.
If you got any more demos adapated, fixed or even written for the SuperCPU which are NOT here yet, e-mail me!
Demos for the SuperCPU

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Demos developped especially for the SuperCPU

Dancing Baby ScreenshotDancing Baby/Eyeth
This fine Animation in FLI is the first one to use Eyeth's Animationplayer 'Silicon Dreams'.

Download Dancing Baby

Popel Premiere ScreenshotPopel Premiere/Cyberpunx
Rayden/Cyberpunx made this trackmo. It features a lot of great effects and brilliant music. A SuperCPU is required ofcourse, a 2nd SID is recommended. The demo was first shown at Mekka+Symposium 2k-1.
The note mentioned in the upscroller at the end was never done, so don't wonder why there's none on the disc ;-)

Download Popel Premiere

SuperCPU kicks! ScreenshotSuperCPU kicks!/DMAgic
This demo by ThunderBlade/DMAgic, originally made for a comuter fair to show some of the possibilties you got with a SuperCPU. The demo contains a precalculated multicolor fullscreen animation and high quality digi music. Finally released as now a way was found to pack the datas (ca. 3000 blocks).

Download SuperCPU kicks!

Demos adapted for the SuperCPU

These demos have been fixed, adapted and/or fitted with extra stuff to support the SuperCPU.

Bloody Domination ScreenshotBloody Domination/Samar
These are 2 parts parts from Bloody Domination by Samar: a gouraud city and a torus-vector. Extracted from the demo and controlability-additions by Jak T Rip/DMAgic.

Download Bloody Domination Parts

Baccy's Nightmare ScreenshotKnoops/The Dreams - Baccy's Nightmare
A doompart from the demo "Knoops" by The Dreams. Go for it and run around in the maze!

Download Baccy's Nightmare

Toruspart ScreenshotReLIGHTening/Oxyron Toruspart
This ReLIGHTening-part features 2 torus-objects and was fixed to work with SuperCPU and additional music added by ThunderBlade and Jak T Rip of DMAgic.

Download ReLIGHTening - Toruspart

Endpart ScreenshotReLIGHTening/Oxyron Endpart
This is the ENDPART of ReLIGHTening, fixed to work with SuperCPU by ThunderBlade/DMAgic. Check out how FAST the vectors are now!

Download ReLIGHTening - Endpart

Complex torus vector ScreenshotVirtual Brutality/Exile - Complex torus vector
A really cool vector, now HIGHLY upspeeded with SuperCPU! Extracted from the demo and controlability-additions by Jak T Rip/DMAgic.

Download Virtual Brutality - Complex torus vector

Julia fractalzoomer ScreenshotVirtual Brutality/Exile - Julia fractalzoomer
Another part from the Exile-Demo. Fly through 2 fractal-objects with 20Mhz! This version was fixed to run endless. Extracted from the demo by Jak T Rip/DMAgic.

Download Virtual Brutality - Julia fractalzoomer

Demos which benefit from the SuperCPU

The following demos benefit from a SuperCPU and did not require adaption or fixing.

Animate ScreenshotAnimate/Resource
A fine piece of code by the dudes in Resource.
Hint: If the demo is run with SuperCPU and the screen stays black while the demos runs, switch to 1 MHz and then back to 20 MHz.

Download Animate

Dawnfall ScreenshotDawnfall/Oxyron
The masterpiece by Graham. Most parts are even faster with SuperCPU!
This is Version 1.1 (pal/ntsc)

Download Dawnfall

GO64! Demo ScreenshotGO64! Demo/Plush
A little advertisement-demo for the GO64!-magazine by Brix/Plush gets supported by the SuperCPU.

Download Holy Refuge/NoName - Landscape

Landscape ScreenshotHoly Refuge/NoName - Landscape
A landscape from the demo "Holy Refuge" by NoName. Enjoy the beatiful envirement !

Download Holy Refuge/NoName - Landscape

Doompart ScreenshotDesign Overdose/Xenon - Doompart
A doompart from the demo "Design Overdose" by Xenon. Go for it and run around in the maze!

Download Design Overdose/Xenon - Doompart

Vectorcity ScreenshotLone Star/Breeze - Vectorcity
Check out this really fast vectorcity - now even faster!

Download Lone Star/Breeze - Vectorcity

Speed ScreenshotSpeed/Coma
A cool dentro coded by Oswald. Now, the dentro really deserves its name ;-)

Download Speed/Coma

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