Games for the SuperCPU
Games developed for the SuperCPU
Games adapted to the SuperCPU
Games which benefit from the SuperCPU

All downloads are zipped D64-images.
If you got any more games adapated, fixed or even written for the SuperCPU which are NOT here yet, e-mail me!
Games for the SuperCPU

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Games developed especially for the SuperCPU

Metal Dust Screenshot Metal Dust
A shoot them up for the SuperCPU.
Although at the moment there is no human ship that could stop Commander LaserRay, there are many handicaps until he can reach the crucial jump position and the New World.

Visit the

Games adapted for the SuperCPU

These games have been fixed, adapted and/or fitted with extra stuff to support the SuperCPU.

A Chance In Hell Title: A Chance In Hell
The Devil has invaded your coastal village, and has kidnapped the village population. As the village priest, you alone must defeat the devil and rescue your flock. A main road goes through the village, but don't expect anyone to stop for you as they have heard the news.

A Chance In Hell, Released 2011, Written by Steven Flanagan ( v1.3 is the latest version, created on 22 December 2020, specifially for the SuperCPU and Ultimate64. Other, older version are also available for the stock C64 or for fast emulation.

This version by: Steven Flanagan v1.3
Specials: SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Docs included: Yes
A Chance In Hell v1.3
Description:A Chance In hell v1.3

3D Pool Screenshot3D Pool
The 'patched' version of 3D Pool.

This version by: ??
Specials: SCPU Patched version
Documents Not Included

Download 3D-Pool SCPU

Astriods ScreenshotAsteriods Emulator
A very nice emulator of the Atari's classic arcade game "Asteroids" from 1979 running on the Commodore 64 with a SuperCPU.

This version by: Norbert Kehrer
Specials: SCPU release version
Documents Included
More info Home Page

Download Asteroids SCPU

Bburago Rally ScreenshotBburago Rally
A very nice racing-game from bird's-eye view. And finally there is a fully working version of it, even with Ramdisc-System and some more cool extras.

This version by: DMAgic
Specials: Only fully working version, added music-menu, SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download Bburago Rally

Boom ScreenshotBoom
This is a great Katakis-alike shoot'em up-game by Brainstorm-Software featuring 14 levels, amazing endmonsters and a huge extra-weapon-system. The game offers a one-player mode and 3 different two-player-modes.

This version by: DMAgic
Specials: Unknown but very cool game, SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download Boom

Doom ScreenshotDoom
This is a (more or less) direct build of the original ID software source code release with a hacked together tiny clib for the string/mem/math/etc functions it required. While this DOOM port isn't meant to be taken seriously, it has proven quite useful for testing and improving the MIPS recompiler as DOOM is a rather complex and large application.

Some parts has been rewritten in assembler for better performance:
* Fixed point multiply/divide
* Chunky to bitmap conversion
* DrawColumn and DrawSpan

The original DOOM1.WAD shareware WAD has been embedded in doom.reu and may be extracted if desired: dd skip=4128768 count=4196020 if=doom.reu of=DOOM1.WAD bs=1
Running in VICE: xscpu64.exe -reu -reusize 16384 +reuimagerw -reuimage doom.reu -autostartprgmode 1 -autostart io.prg

This version by: amidog
Site: amidog site
: - SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download Doom

Last Ninja III ScreenshotLast Ninja III
The final one in the Last Ninja series, and the best one! Will you be able to kill Kunitoki ?

This version by: DMAgic
Specials: 100% working, SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download Last Ninja III

Oil Imperium ScreenshotOil Imperium (German)
The culty German economy-simulation benefits a lot from DMAgic's SuperCPU Ramdisc-System.

This version by: DMAgic
Specials: SuperCPU Ramdisc-System, codeprotection removed, crunched.
Documents included

Download Oil Imperium

Rescue on Fractalus ScreenshotRescue on Fractalus
Also known as "Behind Jaggi Lines". A culty vector game.

This version by: Wyndex
Specials: GFX-bugs which appeared with SCPU are fixed
Documents included (for the Atari-Version!)

Download Rescue on Fractalus

Stellar 7 ScreenshotStellar 7
The culty Vector-Space-Game. This is one of the masterpieces by Damon Slye and friends.

This version by: Wyndex
Specials: Slowed down to run in an okay-speed with SCPU
Documents included

Download Stellar 7

Stroke World ScreenshotStroke World
The funny jump'n'run by Protovision. The little green muscle-eater stole your muscles! Find him and get them back!

This version by: (original Version)
Specials: SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
No documents included

Download Stroke World

The Train ScreenshotThe Train
A great strategy-game, taking place in France at the end of the 2nd worldwar. Save a train from the evil Germans...

This version by: DMAgic
Specials: SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download The Train

What is DMAgic's SuperCPU Ramdisk-System?

The DMAgic SuperCPU Ramdisk-System incredibly reduces loading time of the program in which it is installed. If you got a SuperCPU with SuperRAM-card, its RAM will be used as a RAM-disk. All once loaded files will stay in it, and when they would normally have to get loaded again, they instead will be depacked from RAM (with 20 MHz)! In some cases you may also load all data files to the SuperRAM in advance, so while playing there won't be ANY loading-breaks!
If you don't have a SuperCPU, the progs will ofcourse behave and load normally, which means that a SuperCPU is not required for the particular program, but recommended.
Important info concerning the detection of SuperRAM: If you have a SuperCPU without SuperRAM and you have SuperCPU DOS 1.32, there will be a wrong value at the memory-location CMD uses to check if there's SuperRAM or not. Therefore, SuperRAM will be "found" although there is none. If you have SuperCPU DOS 1.40 or higher, there's the correct value and the detection works 100%.
So, if you have a SuperCPU without SuperRAM and you have SuperCPU DOS 1.32 or lower, get yourself a newer SuperCPU DOS and/or a SuperRamCard !

Games which benefit from the SuperCPU

The following games benefit from a SuperCPU and did not require adaption or fixing.

Screenshot required3DKit - Game eXtreme version
The 3D Construction Kit came with this 'demonstration' game..

This is the new eXtreme version, compiled with the 3D Construction Kit by Steven Flanagan ( The game has been specifically modified to run at high speed, between 20x to 40x normal C64 speed is ideal, and gives a very smooth experience.

This version by: Steven Flanagan
Specials: SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Documents included

Download 3D Kit eXtreme version

Castle Master ScreenshotCastle Master, featuring Freescape
This is a cool 3D-Game done with Freescape. Once again you have to save the princess. Good luck!

This version by: Cosmos
Documents included

Download Castle Master

Chase HQ ScreenshotChase HQ
A nice racing-game! Catch the gangstar and hit him!

This version by: Airwolf-Team
No documents included

Download Chase HQ

Cholo ScreenshotCholo
An action-adventure by Firebird in transparent 3D. Find your way out of the nuclear bunker full of mislead robots and set mankind free!

This version by: AEK
Documents included

Download Cholo

Cyborg 2900 ScreenshotCyborg 2900, featuring Freescape
Another Freescape 3D-Game. Find the Cyborg 2900 and destroy it !
Please notice that this game is completly in German!
Published in 64'er Sonderheft 90
Solution in 64'er Sonderheft 97

This version by: (original Version)
Documents included

Download Cyborg 2900
Download Cyborg 2900 documents and solution

Dark Side ScreenshotDark Side, featuring Freescape
The follow-up of Driller. Some say it's even better.

This version by: Dominators
Documents included

Download Dark Side

Driller ScreenshotDriller, featuring Freescape
The legandary Driller. Pump off the gas from the planet!

This version by: The Sharks
Documents included

Download Driller

The Eidolon ScreenshotThe Eidolon
A culty 3D-Game from the old days...

This version by: ?
Documents included (for the Atari-Version!)

Download The Eidolon

Encounter ScreenshotEncounter
This is a cool 3D-game from 1984. Find the appearing objects with the help of your radar and shoot them before they shoot you! Unbelievable fast with SuperCPU.

This version by: ?
No documents included

Download Encounter

Flight Simulator 2 ScreenshotFlight Simulator 2
One of those Flight Simulators you never get through...

This version by: ?
No documents included

Download Flight Simulator 2

Hard Drivin' ScreenshotHard Drivin'
This game has an awful steering. But it's pretty fast now...

This version by: Bonzai
No documents included

Download Hard Drivin'

Koronis Rift ScreenshotKoronis Rift
Another culty 3D-game to check out at 20 Mhz.

This version by: Remember
Documents included

Download Koronis Rift

Last Ninja 2 ScreenshotLast Ninja 2
One of the most culty C64-Games ! The screen-building-up is so fast now!
Important note to Level 1: Before you activate the boat by hit with your stick, switch to 1MHz, else the used timer will run a bit too fast :-)

This version by: Ikari,
featuring a music-pack by Digital Designs
Documents included

Download Last Ninja 2

Last Ninja Remix ScreenshotLast Ninja Remix
The remixed version of The Last Ninja 2, with new music and new site-graphics.

This version by: Ikari and Talent,
featuring a music-pack by X-Rated
No documents included

Download Last Ninja Remix

Leader Board Golf II ScreenshotLeader Board Golf II
Grab your golf-equipment and check out this classic one, now with really FAST screen-build-up!

This version by: Eagle Soft Inc.
No documents included

Download Leader Board Golf II

Moonfall ScreenshotMoonfall
A very cool and fast 3D-Game... But what is it about ?

This version by: Accuracy
Documents included

Download Moonfall

Mercenary ScreenshotMercenary
You crashed onto a lonely planet. Try to make the best out of it!

This version by: ABC Unlimited
No documents included

Download Mercenary

Power Drift ScreenshotPower Drift
Another kewl game by Chris Butler. Unfortunatly, the game sometimes crashes with SuperCPU.

This version by: Cyberpunx
Documents included

Download Power Drift

Revs ScreenshotRevs
This racing game always was unplayble. With SuperCPU, it gets even more unplayble BUT faster...

This version by: Bitstoppers, repacked to work with SuperCPU by ThunderBlade.
Documents included

Download Revs

The Sentinel ScreenshotThe Sentinel
Absorb the Sentinel! ...or get absorbed!

This version by: Remember
Documents included

Download The Sentinel

Space Rogue ScreenshotSpace Rogue
The game beating Elite by far. Try to become the king of space!

This version by: North East Crackers+Hotline
Documents included

Download Space Rogue

Starglider ScreenshotStarglider
A great 3D-Spacegame. Try to find out what your mission is!

This version by: The Light Circle
No documents included

Download Starglider

Star Wars ScreenshotStar Wars
The conversion of the Atari's Coin-Up. Defeat the Death Star!

This version by: Remember
Documents included

Download Star Wars

Stunt Car Racer ScreenshotStunt Car Racer
The culty vector-racing-game... With SuperCPU, there are a few graphics-bugs and the game is too fast. Unfortunatly Wyndex didn't come up with a proper version of his fix by now, so here is an unchanged version.

This version by: Galaxy
No documents included

Download Stunt Car Racer

Test Drive ScreenshotTest Drive
This culty racinggame gets faster and much smoother with SuperCPU. Even the IRQ-Loader works with 20 MHz! Make sure to check it! BTW: In game press "V" to get the speed-display!

This version by: Eagle Soft Inc.
No documents included

Download Test Drive

ThunderBlade ScreenshotThunderBlade
The "pepsi-challenge-game of the year" becomes a really hard challenge with the speed of the SuperCPU!

This version by: Ikari
Documents included

Download ThunderBlade

Thrust ScreenshotThrust
The culty gripping arcade game becomes an even harder battle with the SuperCPU, as the scrolling gets much smoother and the gravity is more realistic. Are you ready ?

This version by: Remember
Documents included

Download Thrust

Time Crystal ScreenshotTime Crystal, featuring Freescape

You've been transported to a virtual world inside your computer by a
device known as The Time Crystal. After doing this, to protect itself
The Time Crystal has carefully seperated itself into four distinct
pieces, which together make up its pyramid form. Each individual piece
still holds a quarter of the power of The Time Crystal. Your goal is
to explore the virtual landscape and recover all the pieces before
taking them to a magical cube device to reassemble it. Once assembled
it must be destroyed by shattering it, which will release the power
and return you home, while also destroying it beyond any future

CONTROLS: Optional joystick in port 2. KEYS: Are as follows
O = Move Forward. K = Move Back. I = Face Forward. Z = Sidestep Left. X = Sidestep Right. U = U-Turn
R = Move Up (Rise/Stand). F = Move Down (Fall/Crouch). W = Turn Right. Q = Turn Left. A = Activate Object
L = Look Down. P = Look Up. B = Fire M = Tilt Right. N = Tilt Left.

SPACE = Toggle Sights Mode/Movement Mode
CTRL/SYMBOL SHIFT = When used in conjunction with movement keys will accelerate the movement.
ESC/RUN-STOP = Restart environment.

This version by: Phil Boyce:
Documents included

Download Time Crystal

Total Eclipse ScreenshotTotal Eclipse, featuring Freescape
One more Freescape in the family...

This version by: Xades
Documents included

Download Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse 2 ScreenshotTotal Eclipse 2, featuring Freescape
The second part... Rebuild Sphinx!

This version by: Slothsoft
No documents included

Download Total Eclipse 2

No Trans World ScreenshotTrans World
Two version available here one in German and translated into English by -Wanja-

This version by: -Wanja- (Brix/Plush)
No documents included

In both versions the intro music can be toggled on as in-game music by pressing F7 at any time.

Download Trans World English - Download Trans World German

Turbo Charge ScreenshotTurbo Charge
A cool racing-game by System 3 made by mastermind Chris Butler. Get the evil gangsters and arrest them!

This version by: Triad+Fairlight
Documents included

Download Turbo Charge

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DISCLAIMER: All material in this section is no longer available on a commercial basis. None of the producers are still active on the C64. They are no longer interested in their old productions. By making this software download-able on this site, nobody loses any money, nor does the maintainer of this site gain any. It is all about supporting the SuperCPU.