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GO64! Issue 03/98: A solved secret

In part 7 of our tutorial we had a short section about ASL $D019 (aswell as INC, DEC) not working in native mode IRQ routines, (See here) but instead we had to use LDA $D019  STA $D019.

Johannes Niedermayr found the answer on the net and described it as follows:

The instruction timing of the 6510 looks like this:

> Operational diagram of LSR $D019:

&lt#> &ltdata> &ltaddress> &ltR/W>  &ltDescription>

[1]   4E      PC       R    fetch opcode
[2]   19     PC+1      R    fetch address low
[3]   D0     PC+2      R    fetch opcode high
[4]   xx    $D019      R    read memory
[5]   xx    $D019      W    write the value back, rotate right
[6]  xx/2   $D019      W    write the new value back

On cycle 5 the interrupt is confirmed by writing the value read in cycle 4 (same value) to $D019. When running a standard IRQ the 6th cycle isn't needed anymore, as the IRQ is already confirmed.

On CMOS versions of the 6502 such as the 65c02 (and the 65c816 aswell) 2 read cycles and 1 write cycle are performed. On our 6502 just 1 read cycle and 2 write cycles are done.

That appears to be the main difference causing a native IRQ not to be confirmed properly when doing INC $D019 or alike.

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