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Memory Locations

Part 3 of the Tutorial contained some tables, which basically refer to the SuperCPU Version 1. For Version 2 owners (who should have the manual anyways) and V1 owners, who'd like to probe for the SuperCPU, some of the registers are not documented.

The following table is taken from the SuperCPU V2 manual (First Edition, First Printing, Jan 1998) and is copyrighted by CMD. It is supposed to inform people not owning a Version 2 Unit.

Incase you still owe a SuperCPU V1, get an update NOW !

Important SuperCPU Memory Locations

$D074  1     (53364)  - VIC Bank 2/GEOS Optimization    (mirror $8000-$BFFF)
$D075  1     (53365)  - VIC Bank1 Optimization                 (mirror $4000-$7FFF)
$D076  1     (53366)  - BASIC Optimization                        (mirror $0400-$07FF)
$D077  1     (53367)  - No Optimization                               (mirror all memory)       (V1 Default)

$D07A  2     (53370)  - Software Speed Select - Normal  (1 MHZ or 2 MHZ in 128 Fast mode)
$D07B  3     (53371)  - Software Speed Select - Turbo     (20 MHZ)  (* $D079)

$D07E  2     (53374)  - Hardware Register Enable
$D07F  2     (53375)  - Hardware Register Disable                               (* $D07D)

$D0B0  6     (53424)  - SuperCPU Mode Detect Register
                                        00xxxxxx - SuperCPU V2 in 128 mode
                                        01xxxxxx - SuperCPU V2 in 64 mode
                                        11xxxxxx - SuperCPU V1, No SuperCPU or SuperCPU disabled.

$D0B2  4     (53426)  - Bit 7: Hardware Register Enable Flag (1=Enabled)
                                    - Bit 6: System 1 MHZ Flag (1=Enabled)

$D0B3  3,7   (53427)  - Enhanced Optimization Register (V2 Only)
                                        00xxx1BZ - VIC Bank 0, $0000-$3FFFF
                                        01xxx0B0 - VIC Bank 1, $4000-$7FFFF
                                        00xxx0B0 - VIC Bank 2/GEOS, $8000-$BFFF
                                        01xxx1B0 - VIC Bank 3, $C000-$FFFF
                                        10xxx0B0 - BASIC Opt., $0400-$07FF
                                        11xxx00Z - No Opt. All Mem., $0:0000-$1:FFFF (V2 deafult)
                                        11xxx1BZ - No Opt. per Bank, $0000-$FFFF
                                        10xxx100 - Full Optimization (no mirroring of any memory)

$D0B4  5     (53428)  - Bits 7 & 6: Optimization Mode Flags:
                                        00xxxxxx - VIC Bank2/GEOS Optimization Enabled
                                        01xxxxxx - VIC Bank 1 Optimization Enabled
                                        10xxxxxx - BASIC Optimization Enabled
                                        11xxxxxx - No Optimization
$D0B5  6     (53429)  - Bit 7: JiffyDOS Switch Flag (1=Enabled)
                                       Bit 6: Speed Switch Flag (1=Normal, 0=Turbo) 
$D0B6  6     (53430)  - Bit 7: Processor Emulation Mode Flag (1=Emulation)
                                       Bit 6: Reset Switch Flag (1=Switch Pressed)(V1 only)
$D0B8  4     (53432)  - Bit 7: Software Speed Flag (1=Normal, 0=Turbo)
                                       Bit 6: Master Speed Flag (1=Normal via any source)
$D0BC  6     (53436)  - Bit 7: DOS Extension Mode Flag (1=Enabled)
                                       Bit 6: RAMLink Hardware Register Flag (1=Enabled)

$D200 - $D2FF 4       - System Ram (53760 - 54015)
$D300 - $D3FF 5       - User RAM (available for user programs) (54016 - 54271)


   1 Write only, hardware registers must be enabled to activate location.
   2 Write only, active with hardware registers enabled or disabled.
   3 Write only, active with hardware registers enabled or disabled, but does  not over-ride hardware Speed switch.
   4 Read only with hardware registers disabled, Read/Write with hardware registers enabled, write access reserved for system use only.
   5 Read only with hardware registers disabled, Read/Write with hardware registers enabled.
   6 Read only with hardware registers enabled or disabled (write with hardware registers enabled has no effect).
   7 Changing values in this area affects all other optimization mode registers, and changing other
      optimization mode registers affect this location. The B flag assigns control of this register to a specific
      Commodore 128 Bank (0=Bank 0, 1=Bank 1), while the Z flag controls mirroring of Zero Page and Stack memory
      ($0000-$01ff)(0=mirroring on, 1=mirroring off). Default for Z is 1, B is 0.
   * Denotes a duplicate register location.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Enabling the SuperCPU hardware registers also causes some changes in the Kernal ROM memory map ($E000-$FFFF).
                                       To avoid problems, do not leave the hardware registers enabled any longer than necessary.
                                       Also note that mirroring of I/O is always performed when I/O is mapped in.

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