Tools for the SuperCPU
Tools developped for the SuperCPU
Tools adapted to the SuperCPU
Tools which benefit from the SuperCPU
Applications adapted for the SuperCPU

All downloads are zipped D64-images.
If you got any more tools adapated, fixed or even written for the SuperCPU which are NOT here yet, e-mail me!
Tools for the SuperCPU

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Tools developped especially for the SuperCPU

The following tools were made just for the SuperCPU. They require a SuperCPU and sometimes also a SuperRAM card.

 MIPS recompiler Title: MIPS recompiler
Requirements: C64/128, SuperCPU with 16 MB RAM, 1581/FD-diskdrive.
Coded by AmiDog
MIPS recompiler
Description: MIPS recompiler

Sirius 65816 V2.1 Title: Sirius 65816 V2.1
Sirius is a 65816 development system for the SuperCPU. It is based on El Cheapo Assembler and has numerous features and improvements.
Coded by Wyndex
Sirius V2.1
Description: Sirius V2.1
Sirius V2.1 Docs
Description: Sirius V2.1 Docs

El Cheapo Assembler V1.4 ScreenshotEl Cheapo Assembler V1.4
An assembler by Wyndex, supporting the 65816-opcodes. This is the latest version.

Download El Cheapo Assembler V1.4

Jamaica Monitor V3.0 ScreenshotJamaica Monitor V3.0
A monitor by Wyndex, supporting the 65816-opcodes.
This is the latest version..

Download Jamaica Monitor V3.0

Juddpeg ScreenshotJuddpeg (updated IFLI-version)
Nothing is impossible: the new version of Juddpeg by Steve Judd and Adrian Gonzalez displays jpeg-pictures on the C64 in IFLI-mode! This is a new version featuring better dithering.
Hint for pal-users: Before loading this, turn off your c64, switch the SuperCPU to 1Mhz, turn the c64 on again and switch back to 20 Mhz when the "ready"-screen appears.

Download Juddpeg (IFLI-version with sample-pictures)

Leemon ScreenshotLeemon
This one was the first monitor supporting the 65816-opcodes, coded by Mr.Lee/Cascade.

Download Leemon

Modplay 64 V1.1 ScreenshotModplay 64 V1.1
This great tool by Nate Dannenberg plays Amiga/Protracker Modfiles on a C64! Required is a REU or a SuperCPU and REU (no SuperRamCard-support).

Download Modplay 64 V1.1

Check this Aminet subdirectory for a lot of modfiles.

Tools adapted for the SuperCPU

These tools have been fixed, adapted and/or fitted with extra stuff to support the SuperCPU.

Byteboiler V1.1 ScreenshotByteboiler V1.1
This version of the Byteboiler-cruncher was adpated to the SuperCPU/SuperRamCard by Ninja/The Dreams. Compared to the REU-Version, the packer is about twice as fast now..

Download Byteboiler V1.1

SuperCPU Backup ScreenshotSuperCPU Backup
This Backup-Copy is based on "Beta Copy" for the REU. This Version was adapted to work with SuperCPU+RamCard.

Download SuperCPU Backup

Zip-Pack/Zip-Unpack ScreenshotZip-Pack/Zip-Unpack
This famous archive-tool was adapted for SuperCPU by Holy Moses/ROLE.

Download Zip-Pack/Zip-Unpack

Applications adapted for the SuperCPU

These applications have been fixed, adapted and/or fitted with extra stuff to support the SuperCPU.

Novaterm v9.6
This version of the Novaterm v9.6 is adapted using a buffer memory driver to use the SuperCPU memory expansion.
It works with both the 64 and 128 version of the accelerator.

Download Download

Download Download

Tools which benefit from the SuperCPU

There are a lot of tools which benefit from a SuperCPU, like crunchers, painting programs and so on. Some of the best will be placed here later.

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