Official announcement

CLiPS and JOS join forces - WiNGS is born!

Officially announced on the recently held VISION party: In an effort to develop an efficient and feature-rich operating system for the Commodore 64 with SuperCPU, Protovision strikes back with another major breakthrough: The two formerly competing products, CLiPS and JOS, now join forces! PROTOVISION brought together the main coders of both systems, Jolse Maginnis (JOS) and Chester Kollschen (CLiPS), who virtually shook hands on committing their power to one common project! This means more efficient development, a bigger platform for applications to base on and finally a much better final product for the C64 community.

JOS already features:

Unix/QNX like architecture, Microkernal, Message Passing, Multitasking, mountable devices, IDE64 support, digidriver and MOD player, modem driver, working TCP/IP stack, PPP dialer, IRC client and much more.

CLiPS already features:

Plug and Play hardware detection, CMD drives native support, extremely fast and powerful GUI, Multitasking and Multithreading, file browser (Pathfinder), Drag and Drop, Basic Shell, configureable desktop and much more.

Now imagine the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS:

The new operating system: =WiNGS= is born and will take you and your C64 to new heigths.

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