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Highscores for: Astra Invasion 3 (C64)

No description added for Astra Invasion 3 yet.


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    Score: 23560
    Player: judland
    Game info: Actually, this is for the C128, but this was not an option in the Platform drop-down
    System: Vice x128 v2.4.9
    Joystick/Keyboard: Keyboard
    Comment: Started on Level 1
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    R | zzap : Is this the game?[D64]/ I'll add a C-128 sub cat and move it there.

    R | judland : No, this is a different Astra game. The one I've submitted can be found here: Thanks for the addition to the database!

    R | judland : Ah, if you look at the list of game in the FTP site you posted the link for, you will find Astra 3 there, as well: