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Highscore for: C64anabalt (C64)

  • johnny79 previous scores:
    Score: 38833
    Player: johnny79
    Game info: RGCD cartridge
    System: C64c
    Joystick/Keyboard: retrogameboyz C64 retro pad
    Comment: Killed by a wall which was impossible to negotiate. Smashed my old record! Sadly no video :(
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    R | el_pasi : Impressive score :) You seem to top Canabalt-list too. Ever tried Run Demon Run? Same kind of game from Psytronik.

    R | johnny79 : i've heard of it and it looks good. I took to Rainbow Edge Run for a time as well but after a while you can predict the patterns. The other Cananbalt is tough to get a score because of the glitch in the jump button, I'll never top that 20k score probably

    R | el_pasi : There's Rainbow Edge Run DX too. Wonder if that has different patterns than regular version...

    R | johnny79 : i think there are significant differences, but have kinda lost overall interest in it. Just got hold of 8 bit guys Petscii Robots for c64 and will give that a play

    R | mitchfrenzal : I have PETscii Robots, And Haven't even booted it yet. :)

    R | johnny79 : i've been meaning to play it for ages too hahaha