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Highscore for: Pac-Mania (C64)

  • hammerhead previous scores:
    Score: 1040760
    Player: hammerhead
    Game info: Remember release, hi-score saver activated
    System: THE C64
    Joystick/Keyboard: THE C64 joystick
    Comment: Been trying to reach a million on this for decades!
    Legit rating: Voting to date has this score's apparent legitimacy at ??? (4 more votes required!)

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    R | mitchfrenzal : Nice work, I'm sure I've done 1M on the ST version back-in-the-day. I may have to dig it out. :)

    R | hammerhead : Thanks. Never played much on the ST, although did own one many moons ago. Might have to install an emulator :-)

    R | mitchfrenzal : I would suggest STEem SSE. :)

    R | hammerhead : Thanks for the recommendation, been a long time since I used an ST in any form.