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Highscore for: Saboteur (C64)

  • 21/05/2022
    Score: 3100
    Player: el_pasi
    Game info: Hackersoft-crack.
    System: Winvice v3.1 on a PC
    Joystick/Keyboard: Keyboard
    Comment: Found helicopter, but probably should have done something before that :-)
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    R | mitchfrenzal : You have to find the disk, And escape with it. If you happen to set the bomb and blow the place up too. Extra bonus. :)

    R | el_pasi : Thanks, I have to try this again later :-)

    R | mitchfrenzal : Oh, To set the bomb, Have the disk and try and swap it for the bomb. Then the time will change colour, and the bomb is primed. Once you've done that, It's a race back to the chopper. :)