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Game Name Score Score Submitter Comment Submittion time:
Pinball Advance: Dare Devil [3 Balls Easy] 14590450 el_pasi Hello, ALL your scores of a Photo Capture for Me.. 2020-12-23
Contra 3297100 omargeddon Video Part 3 2020-10-07
Contra 3297100 omargeddon Video Part 2 2020-10-07
Candy Factory 161000 el_pasi Wow Nice score Buddy! Yes vote 2020-09-20
Candy Factory 49800 omargeddon Yeah This rom is for Atari XE-XL 400/800. I.. 2020-09-20
Matt Patrol 11950 plus4punk Yes Vote :D 2020-03-10
Bear Bovver 1150 plus4punk Yes vote 2020-03-06
Star Farce 13750 plus4punk Sie haben meine Stimme JA Freund Grüße 2020-03-06
Pitstop: Albi [3 Laps] omargeddon You can change the Time system?. Change from.. 2019-09-09
Decathlon: Shot Put 2077 omargeddon The site doesn't allow to submit decimals so we.. 2019-08-28
Street Fighter Alpha 3 2557400 mitchfrenzal Can you record full video to watch the fights? .. 2019-08-23
Contra 3268100 omargeddon Video 2:.. 2019-08-22
Street Fighter Alpha 822900 mitchfrenzal I played this game in Normal Seettings. You can.. 2019-08-20
Street Fighter Alpha 3 2169400 omargeddon No. Level 7 is very difficult. This level seems.. 2019-08-20
Out Run (Normal) 5875440 omargeddon Oh, it's true. So both categories is the same? 2019-08-17
Last Ninja 3 1215 el_pasi Helloo El_pasi I vote Yes in many games yours. My.. 2019-08-08
Raid Over Moscow 310050 gti_bel Nice score dude. Yes on All 2019-08-07
Out Run 3865060 mitchfrenzal Yes Vote 2019-08-07
Out Run 4279040 omargeddon Yep. I like that game. Thanks for voting dude 2019-08-07
Acrobat Mission (Hard) 71698 gti_bel Yes on All dude 2019-08-07
Battlezone 274000 omargeddon Thanks guys!!! Let's Rock!! 2019-08-07
Seaquest 96340 omargeddon Thanks dude. I love videogames. I am new to.. 2019-08-07
Angry Birds 16500 s.baz Well done! Yes vote 2019-07-21