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Last Update: 03.14.2017

Doom added to games and extra files added to A Chance In Hell.
Last Update: 11.14.14

SuperCPU Links Updated the SuperCPU links page and tidies code throughout the site. Email your links in thanks.
Last Update: 05.27.14

Sirius 65816 V2.1 Description: Sirius is a 65816 development system for the SuperCPU. It is based on El Cheapo Assembler and has numerous features and improvements.
Last Update: 05.27.14

MIPS recompiler Coded by AmiDog added by zap
Last Update: 22.03.13

Trans World Two version available German and English by -Wanja-.
Last Update: 02.03.13

Asteroids Emulator for the Commodore 64 - now also for the SuperCPU added to the Games section.
Last Update: 03.01.13

An Extended Tutorial! on how to program CMD's brilliant 20 MHz accelerator card for Commodore 64/128 and more NEW!!
Last Update: 01.01.13

Experimental WinVice 2.4 with SUPERCPU WinVICE-2.4-x86+(scpu64).7z Great news for SuperCPU users. :)
Last updated: 13.12.12

Cleaned up the site code a bit and added the Commodore 8bit News bar.
Last updated: 20.12.11

The Time Crystal update:
Due to an email from Steven Flanagan we have included a more detailed discription on The Time Crystal by Phil Boyce, including keyboard controls etc. Steven gathered this information after contacting the Author of The Time Crystal personally. Thanks for being part of the team. Find out more here!

Want to have your input included or have something amended on http://supercpu.cbm8bit.com , please email me.
Last updated: 27.07.11

3DKIT-GAME eXtreme version The 3D Construction Kit came with this 'demonstration' game. It was also given away on the Commodore Format 12 Powerpack tape. This is the new EXtreme version, compiled with the 3D Construction Kit by Steven Flanagan (sjf.com@virgin.net). The game has been specifically modified to run at high speed, between 20x to 40x normal C64 speed is ideal, and gives a very smooth experience. A Chance In Hell eXtreme version Released 2011, Written by Steven Flanagan (sjf.com@virgin.net) This is a Freescape game created using the 3D Construction Kit. The game is public domain. You are free to copy it, host it, etc. The game has been specifically modified to run at high speed, between 20x to 40x normal C64 speed is ideal, and gives a very smooth experience. Find out more here!
Last updated: 01.04.11

Site http://supercpu.de moved to http://supercpu.cbm8bit.com Get involved, Have something you can add, ie' a game conversion or appplication not listed on this site or FAQ. Simply email your addition and a txt file with the discription and i will add it to shane@cbm8bit.com
Last update: 27.03.11

Added Novaterm-9.6 downloads to the new superCPU Applications catagory in the tools section.
Last updated: 14.05.10

Links updated: WiNGS, Mega Patch 3, Vanessa's Homepage, T.A.C.'s Homepage, C= Homestead, All About Your 64 (SuperCPU corner), The ACME Crossassambler Homepage, Giga-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner), The Banana Repubic-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner), Commodore Hacking 13 65C816S article, Commodore Hacking Mainsite, Chicago Expo, NovaTerm 9.6, The Commodore Ring, SIDPlug.
Links removed: 8-Bit-Webring

Last updated: 04.01.03

Links updated: Protovision
Other news: Protovision's homepage is currently moving and can be reached via the address www.protovision-online.de.vu.
cmdweb.de will be down for some time.
Happy new year!

Last updated: 18.12.02

Links removed: Sputnick, Nate, Ramlink666
Links added: Vanessa's Homepage
Other news: Merry Christmas and a happy new year y'all!

Last updated: 06.10.02

Other news: Updated the banner of Click Here Software
The Banana Republic is back online!

Last updated: 29.09.02

Other news: All links verified, hints on some links updated
Another public version of WiNGS was released at the recently held Chicago Expo.

Last updated: 18.08.02

Links fixed: Click Here Software, The Wave, Wheels
Other news: The sites of JOS and Nate are currently down, hope they will be back soon.

Last updated: 19.07.02

Links fixed: Click Here Software

Last updated: 16.07.02

Links fixed: Nate (it changed again)

Last updated: 07.07.02

Link added: C= Homestead, Mihai's Commodore only Zone
Links fixed: WiNGS (changed to Greg's Offical WiNGS Website), Nate
Other news: Also added Greg's Offical WiNGS Website to the official announcement on WiNGS
Changed the Commodore Ring Navigation Bar from the javascript-version to the html-version
The Banana Repubic (Elysium's FTP-site) is back online!

Last updated: 01.05.02

Links fixed: T.A.C.; CLiPS was changed to WiNGS; Sputnick's Homepage and Elysium's FTP-site are currently unavailable but will hopefully be back soon.
Other news: Info on SuperCPU Mailinglist updated
Be patient and wait for supercpu.de!

Last updated: 11.12.01

Link added: Commodore Ring button added
Other news: CLiPS and JOS join forces! Check the official announcement!

Last updated: 28.11.01

Link added: geoZIP Webpage
Links fixed: All About Your 64 (SuperCPU corner)

Last updated: 18.11.01

Links fixed: Western Design Center

Last updated: 28.10.01

Other news: The links in the new Commodore Ring Navigation-bar are finally really readable. Thanks to Cupid for the help!
The link for NovaTerm 9.6 (in the news from 26.01.00 below) was updated.

Last updated: 23.10.01

Links fixed: JOS

Last updated: 18.10.01

Other news: Commodore Ring links were updated/fixed from the old (Yahoo!) to the new (WebRing, Inc) ring-system

Last updated: 29.09.01

Links fixed: CMD, Digital Dungeon-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner)
Other news: JOS-Banner added, Commodore Ring links were updated/fixed from the old (webring.org) to the new (Yahoo!) ring-system

Last updated: 11.08.01

Link added: Click Here Software
Links fixed: Mega Patch 3, Digital Dungeon-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner)
Other news: Due to other interests and a PC-crash in June the real update is delayed.

Last updated: 17.08.00

Stuff added: Bburago Rally 103%/DMAgic
Links fixed: Protovision, JOS, Nate Dannenberg
Other news: Due to a Harddisk-crash in April & fewer time this update was delayed so very long.
Last updated: 25.04.00

Stuff added: Popel Premiere by Rayden/Cyberpunx
Links added: Greg Nacu's Homepage was added. Check it out! It has quite some neat CMD-stuff on it aswell as a great "How to..."-section where you can e.g. find how to connect a CD-Rom to a C64/128.
Other news: Wait for a bigger update to come this weekend.

Last updated: 26.01.00

Stuff added: SuperCPU kicks!/DMAgic
Links added: JOS, JTMOS, Lunix NG. SuperCPU Operating-System got a seperate Links-Section.
Metal Dust Banner added.
Links fixed: Sputnick
Other news: NovaTerm 9.6 by Nick Rossi has a SuperRAMCard Driver now ! The SuperRam gets used as a RamDisc.
A few more details about Rayden's SuperCPU-Demo were added.

Last updated: 01.01.00

Stuff added: El Cheapo Assembler V1.4, Jamaica Monitor V3.0, Leemon, 6 KB Phong/Samar
Links added: LUnix Next Generation OS, Go64! magazine (SuperCPU online-tutorial),
Aminet subdirectory of modfiles (see tools-section)
Links fixed: Metal Dust / Protovision Homepage, NoName's MOOD-Page, Digital Dungeon-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner), C= Hacking
Links found to be currently unavailable: Jolz's Homepage, Giga-FTP-Site (SuperCPU corner)
Other news: Juddpeg - a little hint for pal-users, possibilty to rate my site at COCOS
Last updated: 12.12.99

Stuff added: new version of Juddpeg, Go64!-Demo
Links added (banner): The Unofficial CMD-Homepage, CLiPS Website
Last updated: 01.12.99

Stuff added: Cyborg 2900 full documents and solution, Koronis Rift, Juddpeg, Modplay 64.
Last updated: 10.11.99

Stuff added: Oil Imperium, featuring SuperCPU Ramdisc-System
Links added: CLiPS, Metal Dust / Protovison, ACME Crossassambler

Links fixed: Sputnick

Other news: This "What's new" ;-)

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