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An extended tutorial on how to program CMD's brilliant
20 MHz accelerator card for Commodore 64/128.

Updated Mon Nov 2014


SuperCPU ... the name itself smells like burning rubber ...
This wonderful add-on for your C64/C128 has much more to offer than just speedy games, applications and tools.
The variety of new software possible due to the mere amount of easily acessible RAM and the excellent 16 bit architecture make the SuperCPU something much more valuable than it's current price.

Whether you are interested in producing nice and fast demos or always dreamed of tools and games never seen before on this CBM platform: 16 bit are there to access your 16 Megs of RAM!
So far, the only disadvantage of the SuperCPU was the rarely seen documentation and missing developer software.
The basic manual which CMD delivers, covers most of the topics a beginner is interested in, but there is much more to be discovered.
There actually exists some proper developing software out there.
It's just that many people don't know about it or some people keep it for themselves as they know no other people owning such a unit as well.
A simple 65816 aware monitor is enough to patch many existing programs to use the SuperRAMCard or make games playable on 20 MHz again.
We would like to invite you to a tour through a completely new machine and share your experience with the few that also own a SuperCPU and share you interests.

It's a rather rare, but brilliant piece of hardware surely worth the hazzle.

Count Zero/Success & The Ruling Company, Jan 1999

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